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Cargo Volumes in Red Sea Area Drop 21% Due to Attacks On Ships

BIMCO said that, so far in February, the number of ships transiting through the Gulf of Aden and the Suez Canal is 50% and 37% lower than last year respectively. Supply Chain Brand

Watch: Trends in AI: Starting Small With Large Language Models

Supply chain leaders looking to enhance operations with artificial intelligence need to start small with large language models, says Dave Evans, chief executive officer of Fictiv. Supply Chain Brand

How to Master Transportation Planning: A Structured Approach to the Cornerstone of Profitability

Supply chains are in flux, challenged by labor shortages, rising transportation costs, geopolitical tensions, global economic conditions, natural disasters, sustainability requirements, and technological disruptions. Chances are your supply chain is at risk, too.  Supply Chain Brand

Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead by Automating Logistics

Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer or logistics service provider, you need a way to not only get ahead, but stay ahead of the rise in costs, absenteeism and customer demand.   Supply Chain Brand

Supply Chain Orchestration: A New Era in Supply Chain Management

This eBook delves into how supply chain orchestration can help businesses unlock agility, transparency, intelligence, and trust across their end-to-end supply chain. Supply Chain Brand

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Warehouse Management System (WMS)

This buyer’s guide offers a helpful, straightforward discussion of the key WMS capabilities available today — and how each can help your business address its most critical challenges. Supply Chain Brand

Navigating the Future: The Essential Role of Multi-Faceted Automation in Modern Supply Chains

Modernizing today’s supply chain is about more than digitizing data or adding robots. Learn how you can drive your logistics success today by using the insights and vision laid out in this report to refine or redefine your supply chain and logistics automation strategies. Supply Chain Brand

How Food Retailers Can Thrive Amid Growing Supply Chain Disruptions

The one-two punch of geopolitical tensions and climate anomalies has put unprecedented pressure on global food supply chains. Supply Chain Brand

A Failing Grade on Ending Forced Labor in Apparel Supply Chains

A new report card on forced labor in apparel supply chains gives brands and manufacturers mostly failing grades in their efforts to put a stop to it.  Supply Chain Brand

EU Industry Calls for Green Shift Help to Rival China and U.S.

Over 70 business and industry leaders are urging the bloc to introduce a European Industrial Deal to boost competitiveness during the shift. Supply Chain Brand

Gartner: Top Supply Chain Orgs Use AI at Twice the Rate of Lower-Performing Peers

Forty percent of the high performers surveyed said that they are using AI/ML for demand forecasting, while that figure came in at just 19% for the lower performers. Supply Chain Brand

Ivory Coast Cashew Processors Ask for More Government Support

The Ivory Coast Cashew Industry Group asked for a renewed plan guaranteeing cashew suppliers up to 20% of the GTCI’s processing capacity at the beginning of each season. Supply Chain Brand

ONE Launches Beta Version of AI Assistant NEO

One Network Enterprises (ONE) said that its NEO Assistant tool is the world’s first artificial intelligence supply chain assistant. Supply Chain Brand

Anyline Launches Autonomous Drone Barcode Scanning Technology

Anyline said that it worked with the paper and packaging company Mondi to develop this autonomous drone barcode scanning technology. Supply Chain Brand

Chemship Commissions Wind-Propelled Chemical Tanker

Technology Installed on Chemical Challenger targets 15% CO2 savings on Transatlantic route. Supply Chain Brand

Boeing 737 Max Boss Ousted

Ed Clark was vice president and general manager of the 737 program, overseeing the Renton, Washington factory that produced the plane involved in the January Alaska Airlines blowout. Supply Chain Brand

The Power of Adaptability in Next-Gen Routing Solutions

Join us for an insightful webinar as we explore the critical elements of scalability, flexibility, and adaptability in the transformative world of next-generation routing solutions. Supply Chain Brand

Biden Seeks to Bolster Port Cybersecurity with Executive Order

The order will give the U.S. Coast Guard authority to respond to malicious cyberactivity, require maritime vessels to bolster their cybersecurity and impose new rules on reporting incidents at ports. Supply Chain Brand

B2B Manufacturers Investing More in Aftermarket Services, Report Says

The number of organizations that rely on e-commerce for aftermarket services more than doubled from 7% in 2023 to 15% in 2024. Supply Chain Brand

Watch: Announcing a Collaboration and Partnership Between Two Major Supply Chain Media Brands

Highlighting the new media collaboration between SupplyChainBrain and Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, founder and host of the Let’s Talk Supply Chain podcast, Supply Chain Brand

A 2024 Supply Chain To-Do List

The global economy is slowly recovering, but volatility remains a constant. Future-proofing supply chains to manage risk, boost real-time visibility, enhance sustainability, deploy AI effectively, and promote end-to-end collaboration is critical. Tick-tock… Supply Chain Brand

Making Warehouses and Data Centers Greener

Although the process of upgrading or retrofitting facilities can seem daunting, many of these changes can quickly lead to energy and cost savings. Supply Chain Brand

Walmart Easing Delivery Requirements for Suppliers

Walmart said that it wants its suppliers to deliver shipments on-time 90% of the time and in-full 95% of the time. Supply Chain Brand

J.B. Hunt Buys Walmart’s Intermodal Assets

The two companies, which have been working together for decades, also signed a long-term intermodal agreement.  Supply Chain Brand

Bulk Carrier Banned from Australian Ports After Being Abandoned for Months

The Liberian-flagged KMAX Leader bulk carrier is being towed back to the Philippines after arriving at the Port of Gladstone in October 2023 and remaining there for five months. Supply Chain Brand

FMC Rules in Favor of ATA Conference’s Stance Against OCEMA

The OCEMA appealed the FMC’s final ruling, which was announced February 14, and asked five members of the organization to hear the case. Supply Chain Brand

USCENTCOM Says U.K.-Owned Ship Damaged in Houthi Missile Attack off Yemen

A Houthi spokesman confirmed they had targeted the Islander and said they had also launched drones at a U.S. warship. Supply Chain Brand

Bobcat Launches Lineup of New-Look Products

Bobcat has rebranded its forklifts, industrial air compressors, turf renovation equipment and portable power products. Supply Chain Brand

Managing Compliance Factors: A Maturity Model Approach

Regulatory compliance is a fact of life for most supply chains. A key enabler for a successful organization is to understand the complex regulatory environment and build compliance into their end-to-end supply chain operations. Supply Chain Brand

Future-Proofing Your Operations Through WMS and Robotics

In the dynamic world of warehouse operations, adapting to rapid changes is crucial. While technology is essential for success, the array of options available can be overwhelming. Supply Chain Brand

EU Countries Warn German Gas Levy May Boost Reliance on Russia

Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia said the levy — which is paid for by traders or utilities further down supply chains — undermines energy security in the wider region. Supply Chain Brand

U.S. Providing $710M in Loans to EV Technology Projects

The larger of the two preliminary loan commitments announced went to a unit of the South Korean semiconductor company SK Siltron. Supply Chain Brand

A bumpy road for EV manufacturers

Welcome to Startups Weekly — your weekly recap of everything you can’t miss from the world of startups. Sign up here to get it in your inbox every Friday. TechCrunch

Watch: What Is Warehouse Orchestration?

What is warehouse orchestration, and how does it impact the supply chain industry? Sally Miller, chief information officer for North America with DHL Supply Chain, explains. Supply Chain Brand

Virtual Staging AI helps Realtors digitally furnish rooms within seconds

House staging is a significant part of the real estate industry, and while Realtors have traditionally staged houses physically before posting a listing, TechCrunch

Connecting the Dots: The Role of the Modern-Day Warehouse Execution System

A typical warehouse consists of multiple information systems. How do they work together smoothly? Supply Chain Brand

‘Embarrassing and wrong’: Google admits it lost control of image-generating AI

Google has apologized (or come very close to apologizing) for another embarrassing AI blunder this week, an image-generating model that injected diversity TechCrunch

Five Steps to Improve Supplier Relationships and Reduce Operating Costs

The last few years have continued to reinforce the value of dependable supplier relationships, and timely payments are an important ingredient to the success of those relationships. Supply Chain Brand

Google court filing reveals new business details of DuckDuckGo and Neeva

A court filing in the U.S. Department of Justice's case against Google over its alleged monopoly in the search market has revealed a few notable tidbits TechCrunch

How Supply Chain Organizations are Leveraging Data Analytics to Improve Risk Management

Supply chain organizations that prioritize safety and risk management through data analytics, telematics, and newer equipment position themselves as competitive leaders. Supply Chain Brand

Techstars CEO defends changes, says physical presence in a city is not necessary for investment

What was planned internally to be an exciting new chapter ended up being somewhat of a PR nightmare for Techstars.  TechCrunch

Planemakers Partner to Halt Infiltration of Unauthorized Parts

The Aviation Supply Chain Integrity Coalition will include senior representatives from American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Safran, StandardAero and United Airlines. Supply Chain Brand

As Techstars retools, some former staffers say it lost focus on what made it successful

Well-known accelerator group Techstars announced a slew of changes to its operations this week, including the shuttering of some of its city-based programs.  Criticism from former members of its decisions lit social media channels who argued that the famed startup accelerator has lost focus on the very thing that historically made it so successful. TechCrunch

Shipping Giant CMA CGM Posts a Loss as Red Sea Conflict Rages

Surging profits over the previous two years filled the coffers of the Saades and rival European shipping tycoons. Supply Chain Brand

Quick thinking and a stroke of luck averted a moon lander disaster for Intuitive Machines

Intuitive Machines' spacecraft touched down yesterday on the lunar surface . . . sideways. CEO Steve Altemus confirmed during a press conference Friday TechCrunch

U.S. DoL Seeks Injunction to Stop Use of ‘Oppressive Child Labor’ at Meat Processing Facilities

Federal investigators found children, some as young as 13, employed by Fayette Industrial as industrial cleaners at meat processing plants in Iowa and Virginia. Supply Chain Brand

The women in AI making a difference

As a part of a multi-part series, TechCrunch is highlighting women innovators — from academics to policymakers — in the field of AI. TechCrunch

Study Reveals Gap in AI Adoption and Sustainability Goals in Logistics Industry

Further, despite the global emphasis on sustainable practices, the study reveals low prioritization of sustainability among logistics companies. Supply Chain Brand

Women in AI: Irene Solaiman, head of global policy at Hugging Face

Irene Solaiman, profiled as part of TechCrunch's series on women in AI, builds and leads AI policy at startup Hugging Face. TechCrunch

How 3D Printing Will Change Supply Chains and Improve Sustainability

As the technology has advanced and become more available, 3D printing is expected to become an integral part of many industries’ operations and could ultimately help companies achieve sustainability goals. Supply Chain Brand

Groover bridges the promotion gap for independent artists

Groover offers a platform for independent musicians to connect with music curators and be able to better promote themselves. TechCrunch

Watch: LogistiVIEW’s New WES to Be Showcased at Modex 2024

Seth Patin, founder and chief executive officer of LogistiVIEW, previews the company’s new FlowEP Warehouse Execution System, to be showcased at Modex 2024 in Atlanta March 11-14. Supply Chain Brand

Y Combinator wants 100 times more MRI scans

Leveraging resources such as virtual data rooms and shared labs makes it easier for biotech startups to grow. This is good news. TechCrunch

Start-Up CDL 1000 Acquiring Competitor Next Trucking

CDL 1000 founder Andrew Sobko said that this acquisition, as well as the company’s purchase of Hickory Transportation Services in November, will allow the organization to expand its services nationwide. Supply Chain Brand

OpenAI releases Sora, a credit score–based dating app launches and an anti-Tesla ad comes under fire

In this edition of Week in Review (WiR), TechCrunch's weekly news roundup, we cover OpenAI's new Sora model, a credit score-based dating app, and more. TechCrunch

OPEC Report Shows Uneven Delivery of New Oil Production Cuts

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies pledged significant output curbs this quarter in a bid to avert a surplus and shore up global prices. Supply Chain Brand

Dutch startup Monumental is using robots to lay bricks

Few categories are as ripe for automation-fueled disruption as construction. The industry is valued at around $2 trillion a year, in the U.S. alone. Much TechCrunch

DHL Investing $200M in U.S. Life Sciences and Healthcare Expansion

DHL plans on opening five more warehouse facilities in the U.S. by the end of 2024 to meet its customers’ life sciences and healthcare needs. Supply Chain Brand

PayPal Ventures’ first AI investment, a credit-based dating app and Robinhood’s good week

Welcome to TechCrunch Fintech (formerly The Interchange)! This week, we’re looking at a new finance-based dating app, Robinhood's earnings results and the TechCrunch

Oracle Unveils New Supply Chain Logistics Tools

The company said that these updates to Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle Global Trade Management will help customers increase visibility, reduce costs and automate regulatory compliances. Supply Chain Brand

Women in AI: Eva Maydell, member of European Parliament and EU AI Act adviser

Eva Maydell, profiled as part of TechCrunch's series on women in AI, is a member of European Parliament and advisor on the EU AI Act. TechCrunch

APAC Air Freight Market Subdued, Shipping Continues to Struggle, Report Says

Dimerco said that ocean shippers in the region should anticipate rates to increase for vessels going to the U.S. and Europe. Supply Chain Brand

With Twilio under activist pressure, Segment could be put up for sale

With Twilio under pressure from activist investors, it's looking at whether to sell Segment, the company it bought in 2020 for $3.2 billion. TechCrunch

Rideshare, App-Based Delivery Drivers Striking in the U.K. and the U.S.

Uber and Lyft drivers are holding daylong strikes in Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Miami, Orlando, Austin, Newark and several other cities. Supply Chain Brand

Miruku grabs more capital as its plant-based dairy tech reaches proof of concept

The company made advancements in its proprietary dairy seed system to leverage interactions between recombinant dairy casein and native plant proteins. TechCrunch

Accenture Agrees to Acquisition of Insight Sourcing

Accenture will absorb roughly 220 consultants from Insight Sourcing and gain access to the company’s portfolio of more than 40 technology procurement tools. Supply Chain Brand

Family tragedy for former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

It's every parent's worst nightmare. Earlier this week, the 19-year-old son of former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, was found dead at UC Berkeley of an TechCrunch

How Are You Meeting Rising 3PL Demand?

Businesses of all sizes are turning to third-party logistics (3PL) providers to manage everything from their warehouse operations to their global supply chains. Supply Chain Brand

Ford preps for its next big fight, Waymo recalls its self-driving car software and layoffs come for another AV startup

TechCrunch Mobility is a weekly newsletter about the future of transportation. This week, read about Ford, Lucid, Waymo, and more. TechCrunch

Academic-Industry Partnerships Offer Much-Needed Broadening of Supply Chain Perspective

Getting a thoroughly broad view of supply chain operations gives a supply chain professional a career boost because it makes him or her more useful to the company. Supply Chain Brand

State of venture investments in India

Over 150 investors, including Singapore's sovereign fund Temasek and Malaysia's Khazanah, gathered at Mumbai's five-star Trident Oberoi hotel on a recent In wide-ranging interviews, Lightspeed partners examine right-sizing VC funds in India, spectrum of startup investing and the country's prospects in the global AI race. TechCrunch

FTC Examining Shortages of Cancer Treatments and Other Drugs

The federal government asked about shortages of generic drugs and whether groups that purchase quantities in bulk are contributing to the problem. Supply Chain Brand

Partech closes its second Africa fund at $300M+ to invest from seed to Series C

Partech has closed its second Africa fund at €280 million ($300 million+), solidifying its position as the largest Africa-focused fund. TechCrunch

Energy Chief: U.S. ‘Very Concerned’ About China’s Dominance of Critical Minerals

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said that the U.S. is currently updating its laws, including a 150-year-old mining regulation, to ensure the “sustainable and efficient” extraction of critical minerals. Supply Chain Brand

EU opens formal probe of TikTok under Digital Services Act, citing child safety, risk management & other concerns

The European Union is formally investigating TikTok's compliance with the bloc's Digital Services Act (DSA), the Commission has announced. Areas the TechCrunch

5 Expert Risk Management Strategies: A 2024 Guide for Supply Chain Managers

How do supply chain risk managers balance cost and finite resources against growing risk loads? Expert Risk Management Strategies give you insights into the tactics and tools used by industry experts to manage and minimize exposure to cost of disruption. Supply Chain Brand

SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son is reportedly seeking $100B to build a new AI chip venture 

SoftBank Group's Masayoshi Son has made no secret of his intent to double down on red-hot artificial intelligence industry. Now, he's fundraising for his TechCrunch

Five Ways That Returns Fraud Is Costing Retailers Money

Retail return fraud has grown rampant in recent years, stealing retailers’ hard-earned profits, damaging brands’ reputations, and burdening honest consumers with higher prices. Supply Chain Brand

Dili wants to automate due diligence with AI

Dili is a new, Y Combinator-backed startup that aims to automate different aspects of the due diligence process using AI. TechCrunch

How To Choose the Right Routing Method for Your Business

Routing has always been complicated, but never more so than it is today. This report compares six different routing methods so that you can evaluate each based on your priorities. Supply Chain Brand

Building a startup is like building a house

The journey of building a startup is an adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns, much like the construction of a dream home. TechCrunch

Boom or Bust: E-Commerce Post-Holiday Shopper Results Revealed

Many online and omnichannel retailers, as well as industry pundits, thought the 2023 holiday season would be hampered by inflation-induced price increases, supply chain challenges, geopolitical issues and general economic uncertainty — but the data tells a different story. Supply Chain Brand

Struggling database company MariaDB could be taken private in $37M deal

MariaDB is the subject of a potential takeover bid, as the company confirmed it has received an offer from K1 Investment Management. TechCrunch

How AI Can Deliver a Better 3PL Customer Service Experience

Third-party logistics (3PL) organizations are facing a more challenging operating environment. The sheer number of orders is increasing rapidly — and more of them consist of small quantities that threaten to overwhelm information processing systems. Supply Chain Brand

How Sierra is rethinking customer experience in the age of AI

Bret Taylor's new startup, Sierra, is building autonomous AI agents that can help customers resolve issues and complete tasks without human help. TechCrunch

China-U.S. Average Container Leasing Rates Up Threefold Since November

An industry expert from a Californian freight forwarding company said they anticipate organizations will have to deal with equipment shortages due to vessels being rerouted away from the Red Sea. Supply Chain Brand

Antithesis raises $47M to launch an automated testing platform for software

Antithesis, a new startup, is developing an automated platform for testing software in a reliable, ostensibly safe way. TechCrunch

Staff Shortages Remain Top Challenge for Supply Chain in 2024

Respondents expressed optimism in the economy, and more than 50% say they’ve seen a “greater focus and understanding of supply chains” from those in the C-Suite. Supply Chain Brand

Instacart lays off 250 employees, or 7% of its workforce, to ‘reshape’ company

Instacart announced today that it's laying off around 250 employees, or roughly 7% of the company's global workforce. TechCrunch

Maersk: Red Sea Diversions Could Extend into Second Half of 2024

Maersk said that it has added about 6% more vessel capacity to its schedule to keep the flow of trade moving, further adding to the company’s operational costs. Supply Chain Brand

Airbnb is making progress to get rid of those hated cleaning fees

Nearly 40% of active Airbnb listings no longer charge cleaning fees, the company said on Tuesday. TechCrunch

Biden Administration Pledges Almost $1B to Improve 114 U.S. Airports

Most of the funding will be used to refurbish airports, make facilities more sustainable, provide more airport access to smaller communities, improve passenger experiences or build new terminals. Supply Chain Brand

Waymo recalls and updates robotaxi software after two cars crashed into the same towed truck

Waymo is issuing its first-ever recall after two of its autonomous vehicles crashed into the same towed pickup truck in December. TechCrunch

Log-hub Update Includes 3D Maps for Supply Chain Visualization

Log-hub said that its 3D maps offering will provide users with increased efficiency and more strategic insights into how companies navigate global supply chain networks. Supply Chain Brand

Airbnb plans to use AI, including its GamePlanner acquisition, to create the ‘ultimate concierge’

In November, Airbnb acquired a stealth AI firm launched by Siri's co-founder, called GamePlanner.AI. The deal valued the secretive startup at around $200 TechCrunch

General Motors, Panasonic Sign Investment Deals with Canadian Graphite Producer

GM and Panasonic have each committed to purchase 18,000 metric tons of active anode material annually over a period of six to seven years, Nouveau Monde Graphite said. Supply Chain Brand

Intuitive Machines to take its shot at reaching the moon with first private lunar lander

With its first moon mission, Intuitive Machines is looking to succeed whether others have failed. TechCrunch

Oil Demand Growth Slowing as Non-OPEC Supply Increases

The IEA said that it anticipates oil demand will peak by 2030 as the world attempts to transition to cleaner energy sources. OPEC says it will peak after 2044. Supply Chain Brand

Foundry Group is shutting down and won’t raise another fund

Foundry Group, an 18-year-old venture firm with nearly $3.5 B in assets, has quietly decided to shut down and not raise any more funds. TechCrunch

Can Mexico Live Up to Its Potential as a Nearshoring Hub?

As manufacturers look to shift production to North American, Mexico appears to hold all the cards. But is there a joker or two in the deck?  Supply Chain Brand

Andrej Karpathy is leaving OpenAI again — but he says there was no drama

Andrej Karpathy, a widely respected research scientist, has quit OpenAI for the second time to focus on personal projects. TechCrunch

Practicing Green Logistics in Supply Chain Management

The push for supply chain sustainability comes with many built-in benefits, including lower costs, increased efficiency and stronger customer loyalty. Supply Chain Brand

Surprise! Mark Zuckerberg thinks Quest 3 is better than Vision Pro

Mark Zuckerberg tried Apple's Vision Pro headset and his verdict is that the Meta Quest 3 is a better product. TechCrunch

Three Critical Steps Toward Mastering Total Inventory Optimization in 2024

Just months after snarled supply chains led to widespread inventory shortages, the proverbial pendulum has decidedly shifted to the other side.  Supply Chain Brand

Roam raises $24M to scale electric vehicle production in Kenya

Roam will scale assembly of its Move buses launched last year, months after the company set-up a new and larger motorcycle assembly plant. TechCrunch

Airbus Aims to Complete 800 Aircraft Deliveries in 2024

The company said February 15, during an annual earnings report, that it wants to deliver 800 commercial planes in 2024, up from 735 in 2023. Supply Chain Brand

Earlybird Health closes twice-larger second fund, will write bigger checks

Germany-based Earlybird Health announced the final closing of its second fund of €173 million (around $185 million). This is more than twice the size of Earlybird's first healthcare-focused fund. TechCrunch

Official Warns Against EU Measures Limiting Trade Support for the Solar Sector

The European Commission set a target of 750 gigawatts of solar power generation capacity by 2030, up from 260 gigawatts in 2023. Supply Chain Brand

Spacegoods shakes up functional beverage industry with mushroom-based powders

The London-based wellness brand uses functional mushrooms and nootropics to create a line of powder blends that it touts enhances energy and relaxation. TechCrunch

Tesla Recalling Almost All Vehicles Sold in the U.S. Due to Warning Light Issue

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced the recall of almost 2.2 million Tesla vehicles sold in the U.S. February 2. Supply Chain Brand

KTrust launches an automated red team for Kubernetes security

KTrust, a Tel Aviv–based security startup, is taking a different approach to Kubernetes security from many of its competitors in the space. Instead of TechCrunch

Macron Calls for More Farmer Protections During Supply Chain Talks

Protecting farmers’ incomes has been a major demand of the farmers’ protests that have popped up all across the EU in recent weeks. Supply Chain Brand

General Atlantic leads $50M Series C into Bold to grow digital payments in Colombia

Bold provides low-cost payment terminals, called dataphones, that enable small and medium businesses to accept link payments. TechCrunch

Manifest Partners With SupplyChainBrain for Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit

The partnership brings Manifest’s unmatched expertise in the inner workings of supply chain management to Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit. Supply Chain Brand

How a French health insurance unicorn plans to leverage AI to reach profitability

After raising massive funding rounds, Alan, a French startup that exemplifies the French tech ecosystem, says profitability is in sight. TechCrunch

Chinese Ships Get Cheaper Insurance to Navigate Red Sea

While the overall picture is mixed, some Chinese-linked vessels have to pay as little as 0.35% of their hull and machinery value to obtain insurance for transit. Supply Chain Brand

Not predictive – Supply Chain Movement

At the beginning of every year, it rains predictions by economists, analysts and consultants. What will inflation do this year? And how will Supply Chain Movement

TikTok to open in-app Election Centers for EU users to tackle disinformation risks

TikTok will launch localized election resources in its app to reach users in each of the European Union's 27 Member States next month and direct them TikTok will launch localized election resources in its app to reach users in each of the European Union's 27 Member States next month and direct them towards “trusted information”,…

Manifest Partners With SupplyChainBrain for Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit

The partnership brings to the Global Supply Chain Management Summit Manifest’s unmatched expertise in the inner workings of supply chain management Supply Chain Brand

This gaming startup tries to show ‘AI + crypto’ is not a fad

Before the world became fixated on artificial intelligence, thanks to generative AI's advances, cryptocurrency was the darling of many investors. So when TechCrunch

New York Fed Found Supply Chain Pressures Rose in January

The New York Federal Reserve Bank’s Global Supply Chain Pressure Index rose from -0.15 in December 2023 to -0.11 in January 2024. Supply Chain Brand

iOS design startup Play lets devs share app prototypes easily via App Clips

Native iOS design app Play has launched new features for its app to let developers share prototypes of their apps easily through App Clips. TechCrunch

Healthcare 2024: How AI and Collaboration Will Drive Supply Chain Transformation

The healthcare industry’s digital transformation will have a profound impact on the supply chain in 2024. Adoption of modern technologies will lead to increased automation and efficiency. Supply Chain Brand

US military notifies 20,000 of data breach after cloud email leak

The breach notification letters land a year after TechCrunch reported a huge spill of unclassified emails from a U.S. government cloud. TechCrunch

Cut Carbon in 2024 by ‘Marketing’ to Suppliers

One challenge stalling manufacturers’ ability to cut carbon emissions is a lack of data, with supplier information notoriously hard to obtain. Solving this problem is a top priority. Supply Chain Brand

Slack adds AI-fueled search and summarization to the platform

Slack is embedding generative AI deeper into the platform with new channel summarization and AI-fueled search. TechCrunch

Watch: Closing the AI Skills and Talent Gap

Saurajit Kanungo, president of CG Infinity, addresses the gap between AI skills and talent that’s endemic in many companies today. Supply Chain Brand

Grammarly lays off 230 employees as part of a ‘business restructuring’

Grammarly is laying off 230 employees as part of a “business restructuring,” the company announced this week. TechCrunch

LG Chem, GM Sign $18.6B Battery Materials Supply Deal

The South Korean chemical company said that it would supply GM with at least 500,000 tons of cathode materials through 2035, enough to manufacture batteries for 5 million EVs. Supply Chain Brand

As Iran-backed groups attack Red Sea ships, investors are backing startups assisting global cargo

Multiple shocks to global supply chains brought about first by the pandemic and more recently by Iran-backed Houthis targeting cargo ships in the Red Sea TechCrunch

FAA Chief Says Boeing’s Repeat Lapses Led to Tighter Oversight

The agency expects to have enough data from an investigation launched after the accident to make initial recommendations as soon as late February, the FAA said February 5. Supply Chain Brand

20PRODUCT grabs $5M to put the best product experts in your cap table

20PRODUCT includes a group of eight people who come from companies like Shopify, Nubank, Spotify, Snap, LinkedIn, Ramp, Match and Xiaomi. TechCrunch

Approve EU Supply Chain Law, Say Investor Groups

Though Germany cannot derail the legislation by itself, the measure could be in danger if it receives opposition from other major EU countries, including Italy, which is being closely watched. Supply Chain Brand

Samsung gets FDA nod for smartwatch sleep apnea detection

Samsung this morning announced that the Galaxy Watch line has received FDA approval for sleep apnea detection. The move is a big one for the smartwatch TechCrunch

The U.S. Bought More Goods from Mexico than China in 2023

Mexican exports to the U.S. topped out at $475.6 billion, beating China which saw its exports to the U.S. fall by 20% year-over-year to $427.2 billion. Supply Chain Brand

Pitch Deck Teardown: Xyte’s $30M Series A deck

Xyte's pitch deck has a lot of slides, but how much of it was actually useful? Let's take a look. TechCrunch

Optimizing Healthcare Inventory Management With AI and RFID

The headlines about shortages and disruptions in healthcare supply chains aren’t going away anytime soon. The industry needs help. Supply Chain Brand

Social networks are getting stingy with their data, leaving third-party developers in the lurch

2023 was the year social networks realized that they were sitting on massive troves of data. And some companies, such as Twitter (now X) and Reddit, TechCrunch

Nearshoring to Mexico in 2024: What to Consider Before You Relocate

Companies considering a move to Mexico should make sure that their nearshoring strategies are built from a rigorous planning process. Supply Chain Brand

DEI backlash: Stay up-to-date on the latest legal and corporate challenges

It's clear that this year will be a turning point for DEI. TechCrunch

Farm Exports from the U.S. Hit a Three-Year Low in 2023

The $191 billion generated represents a three-year low in terms of farming and agricultural exports coming out of the U.S. Supply Chain Brand

Instagram and Threads will no longer ‘proactively’ recommend political content

Meta doesn't want its new app Threads to become another Twitter, full of heated political debates and the resulting toxicity that entails. In an TechCrunch

Boeing Asks Suppliers to Keep Up with 737 Program Expansion Plan

BCA executive Ihssane Mounir asked suppliers during the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance conference February 7 to bear with the planemaker while it’s being audited by the FAA. Supply Chain Brand

Fisker Ocean owners flagged sudden power loss and brake problems for months, internal documents show

Internal documents viewed by TechCrunch show a series of problems with the Fisker Ocean SUV including sudden power loss and brake problems. TechCrunch

White Label Trade Show Returns to New York

In 2024, the White Label World Expo will be returning to the Javits Center in New York; focused on the practice of white-labeling products for eCommerce businesses, with showcases from over 200 speakers and 400 exhibitors. Across four theaters, a product sourcing trail, an E-Market Research Hub, and various other features, visitors will be able…

Apple eyes business as a prime market for the Apple Vision Pro

Over the years, AR & VR has failed to take hold in business at scale. Apple hopes to change that with the Apple Vision Pro. TechCrunch

LogiPharma Announces Speaker Lineup and Agenda for World’s Leading Life Sciences Supply Chain Event

An industry-wide drive towards sustainability, an uncertain economic landscape, heightened geopolitical risks, and continued digital and drug/device innovations are creating new challenges and opportunities for pharma and med tech supply chain leaders. LogiPharma returns on 16 – 18th April 2024 in Lyon, France to address how to navigate this evolving landscape. Supply Chain Brand

The growing battle for space in logistics

The space needed to store containers in and around ports is increasing faster than containers can be processed. Blog by Jan Fransoo. Supply Chain Movement

What’s next for STIRR, the free streaming service Thinking Media just acquired

Broadcasting company Sinclair sold off its free, ad-supported streaming TV service, STIRR to startup Thinking Media. TechCrunch

LogiChem Announces Speaker Lineup and Agenda for World’s Leading Chemical Supply Chain Event

In the face of market volatility, success hinges on a tri-fold approach. First, adapt workforce, systems, and resources to foster end-to-end supply chain connectivity, fostering agility and resilience. Secondly, recalibrate digitalization strategy, prioritizing cost-effective solutions for maximal business impact. Lastly, harness the power of master data integration throughout the supply chain, granting real-time visibility and…

One supplier or several? – Supply Chain Movement

One supplier or several? Many supply chain executives have been able to prove their worth since the early 2020s, during disruptions including Supply Chain Movement

Why a B2B startup is placing a bet on a $7M Super Bowl ad

Papaya Global bought a Super Bowl ad slot with the hope of the commercial driving brand recognition for the software company. TechCrunch

C.H. Robinson Launches Touchless Appointment Technology

C.H. Robinson said that touchless appointments allow some users to save up to 7.4 hours on average in terms of being able to deliver products to market. Supply Chain Brand

AI in fulfilment – Supply Chain Movement

According to economists at Goldman Sachs, ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots will put 300 million jobs at risk worldwide. Supply Chain Movement

The era of face-wearable computers

We’ve finally had our mittens on Apple’s face-wearable computer. And, what can we say, it’s pretty astonishing. TechCrunch

German Utility VNG Inks Country’s First Deal with Algeria for Pipeline Gas

The agreement, which took effect in January, allows gas to be shipped via pipeline to Italy and then on to Germany, a spokesperson for Sonatrach said. Supply Chain Brand

Strategic trends – Supply Chain Movement

Strategic trends. Many companies around the world are currently in the midst of a strategic repositioning. The choices they make will determi Supply Chain Movement

Twitter alternative Bluesky shows off custom Super Bowl feeds (both with and without Taylor Swift)

Twitter/X alternative Bluesky is gearing up for one of the biggest weekends in social media with the launch of custom feeds prepped for Super Bowl fans. TechCrunch

API Security Should be Top of Mind for Retailers Year-Round, Beyond the Holiday Shopping Season

As trends like social commerce and personalization continue to proliferate, more APIs will be necessary to “wow” customers with exceptional shopping experiences. But there’s a security risk. Supply Chain Brand

The costs of Scope 3

“Who’s going to pay for decarbonizing the supply chain?” was the title of a recent article. 75% of all emissions fall under Scope 3, accordin Supply Chain Movement

Apple defends parts pairing as Oregon mulls right-to-repair bill

Oregon may soon become the latest state to pass right-to-repair legislation. Last month, Google lent its support in an open letter, calling Senate Bill TechCrunch

USDA Pledges $270M Towards Food Supply Chain Resilience

Seven states will fund projects that expand the capacity for the processing, manufacturing, storage and distribution of food products through the Resilient Food Systems Infrastructure program. Supply Chain Brand

It’s the bullwhip, stupid! – Supply Chain Movement

It’s the bullwhip, stupid! In August, China published disappointing trade figures showing that both imports and exports had fallen more sharp Supply Chain Movement

Could Engaging Deskless Workers Combat Productivity Woes?

Data from Gallup’s “State of the Global Workplace: 2023” shows that U.S. engagement sits at a meager 31%, with nearly 50% of workers looking to leave their current positions. Supply Chain Brand

‘World’s biggest casino’ app exposed customers’ personal data

A casino app's database containing customers' personal data was left on the internet without a password, until a security researcher found it. TechCrunch

Pay for your own butler!

Pay for your own butler! After a huge peak in 2020, online retail’s share of total retail sales seems to have stagnated at around 13-15% in Supply Chain Movement

‘Built to Fail’: Why Construction Projects Take Too Long, Cost Too Much

How often does a major construction project come in on time and on budget? Why is the answer “hardly ever”? Supply Chain Brand

Meet Goody-2, the AI too ethical to discuss literally anything

Every company or organization putting out an AI model has to make a decision on what, if any, boundaries to set on what it will and won't discuss. Goody-2 TechCrunch – Supply Chain Movement

The labour market is currently in substantial turmoil. On the one hand, there is a persistent shortage of staff, while on the other, companie Supply Chain Movement

Watch: Building a Resilient Domestic Supply Chain

Simon Geale, executive vice president of procurement at Proxima, discusses the potential impact of President Biden’s new White House Council on Supply Chain Resilience. Supply Chain Brand

How to fake a robotics demo for fun and profit

In March 2008, a roboticist in winter wear gave Big Dog a big kick for the camera. The buzzing DARPA-funded robot stumbled, but quickly regained its TechCrunch

The emergence of meta networks

There are various signs that a new era of collaboration is dawning for companies: not only with partners in their own supply chain, but also Supply Chain Movement

Maersk, PUMA Partner for Semi-Automated Chilean Distribution Center

Maersk said that the Santiago-based facility will be the organization’s first semi-automated omnichannel fulfillment distribution center, helping PUMA with its end-to-end supply chain visibility. Supply Chain Brand

With Disney’s magic, Fortnite is poised to win the metaverse

With its massive new partnership with Disney, the stars are aligning for Epic Games' grand Fortnite plans. TechCrunch

The world is an anthill

The world is an anthill. Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the start of the war in Ukraine the entire world seems to be balancing on the brink Supply Chain Movement

EU Delays Decision on Supply Chain Law After German, Italian Opposition

A diplomat said it was clear that there wouldn’t be enough representatives from the 27 EU member states to back the law following Germany and Italy’s plans to abstain. Supply Chain Brand

Notion acquires privacy-focused productivity platform Skiff

Notion announced that it has acquired Skiff, a platform that offers end-to-end encrypted file storage, docs, calendar events, and email.  TechCrunch

To benefit all, diverse voices must take part in leading the growth and regulation of AI

As AI’s presence in our lives increases, so does the number of diverse founders leveraging it to develop positive, socially impactful services and products. TechCrunch

This Week in AI: Do shoppers actually want Amazon’s GenAI?

In this edition of This Week in AI, TC's semiregular AI newsletter, we talk Amazon's Rufus GenAI assistant and more. TechCrunch

Deal Dive: It’s time for VCs to break up with fast fashion

VCs have long supported fast-fashion companies but the controversies and lawsuits they draw makes them riskier investments. TechCrunch

Apple launches the Vision Pro, Taylor Swift fans strike back and Palworld comes under fire

In this edition of Week in Review (WiR), we cover Apple launching the Vision Pro, Taylor Swift fans striking back and Palworld coming under fire. TechCrunch

Mamoon Hamid and Ilya Fushman of Kleiner Perkins: “More than 80%” of pitches now involve AI

Last week, at a StrictlyVC event in San Francisco, we sat down with Mamoon Hamid and Ilya Fushman, two longtime VCs whose paths first crossed as children TechCrunch

Apple says it’ll show its GenAI efforts ‘later this year’

Apple has tossed another crumb to investors wondering when the world will get to see some 'Made in Cupertino' GenAI: Expect Apple to reveal what it's been Apple has tossed another crumb to investors wondering when we'll get to see some 'Made in Cupertino' GenAI: Expect Apple to reveal what it's been working on in…

As Podcastle raises $13.5M, its founder credits AI-driven growth in Armenia’s ‘Mini-Silicon Valley’

Podcastle, a podcasting platform that has boosted its product with various generative AI-driven features, has raised $13.5 million in a Series A funding TechCrunch

FTC orders Blackbaud to overhaul ‘reckless’ security practices in wake of 2020 breach

U.S. software provider Blackbaud has settles with the FTC over the company’s “reckless” security practices that resulted in a huge data breach. TechCrunch

Niremia Collective closes inaugural fund with $22.5M focused on well-being technology

Niremia Collective intends to provide capital and management resources to high-growth well-being startups as well as incubate new businesses. TechCrunch

Hire mindset over skill set

Upskilling is more than just a remedy for skill shortages. It is a strategic long-term investment and will help cultivate a dynamic, adaptable workforce. TechCrunch

The feast and famine cycle of tech

Today, we're going over Zum's $140M round, why Ramp is on an acquisition spree, and how the tech layoff season simply refuses to fade away. TechCrunch

Cloud infrastructure saw its biggest revenue growth ever in Q4

After a few quarters in the doldrums, the cloud computing market came back in a big way this quarter with record quarter-over-quarter growth. TechCrunch

Sample Series A pitch deck: PhageLab’s $11M deck

This week, we're taking a look at what PhageLab got right in this pitch deck and why it could use some judicious pruning. TechCrunch

These 30 robotics companies are hiring

It was a rough week. There are rarely good weeks for my industry, but this one felt especially dire. Perhaps because it hit close to home. Not that many TechCrunch

Apple’s Vision Pro is here: These are some of the most exciting indie apps and games

With thousands of preorders for the Vision Pro rolling in, many consumers are curious about Apple’s AR/VR headset and the apps that will arrive alongside Here are what independent developers are launching for Apple's Vision Pro headset. TechCrunch

Apple Vision Pro: How to buy or test out the $3,500 headset

The much-hyped Apple Vision Pro headset is almost here for those who have pre-ordered, or those waiting to give it an in-person demo. TechCrunch

EU’s AI Act passes last big hurdle on the way to adoption

The European Union's AI Act, a risk-based plan for regulating applications of artificial intelligence, has passed what looks to be the final big hurdle The European Union's AI Act, a risk-based plan for regulating applications of artificial intelligence, has today passed what looked to be the final possible hurdle standing in the way of adoption……

a16z’s Chris Dixon thinks it’s time to focus on blockchains’ use cases, not speculation

“I’m not anti-speculation, but I think it’s a question of priorities… It’s putting the cart before the horse.” TechCrunch

Spotify’s podcast exclusive days are over as Joe Rogan’s show expands to other platforms

Controversies and PR headaches weren't enough to dissuade Spotify from re-upping its agreement with podcaster Joe Rogan, whose show over the past couple TechCrunch

Apple Vision Pro: Here are the first apps you should download

Apple releases its ambitious Vision Pro headset to consumers today, February 2. There are over 600 apps and games currently available on the visionOS From streaming apps and productivity toolss to fun games, there are 600+ apps on the visionOS store, with more to come. TechCrunch

SpaceX will reap the benefits of new Dragon research opportunity

SpaceX is TechCrunch

Boutique e-motorcycle startup Cake files for bankruptcy

Cake has filed for bankruptcy after a challenging few months, which involved two recalls and trouble closing a new funding round. TechCrunch

Maybe count to 10 before you tweet

Garry Tan, who heads up Y Combinator, has since deleted his pretty dark tweet, but the drama was the talk of the town this week. TechCrunch

Secretive moon startup led by ex-Blue Origin leaders raises new tranche of funding

A stealth startup led by ex-Blue Origin leaders, focused on harvesting resources from the moon, has quietly closed a sizable new tranche of funding, TechCrunch

Stalkerware apps PhoneSpector and Highster appear shut down

The domains, servers, websites and backend infrastructure known to be used by PhoneSpector and Highster stalkerware are also no longer online. TechCrunch

US gives federal agencies 48 hours to disconnect flawed Ivanti VPN tech

In an rare move, CISA ordered federal agencies to urgently disconnect vulnerable Ivanti VPN software following in-the-wild exploitation. TechCrunch

Meta Quest adds support for Apple’s Spatial Video ahead of Vision Pro launch

Apple's brand-new Vision Pro headset has lost one of its competitive advantages over rivals, as Meta announced today that it, too, will add support for TechCrunch

Arc is building an AI agent that browses on your behalf

Arc Browser is building an AI that surfs the web for you and gets you the results while bypassing search engines. TechCrunch

Snap recalls discontinued Pixy drone over fire risk

Snap and the Consumer Product Safety Commission are recalling and offering refunds for the company's discontinued Pixy drone over a fire risk. TechCrunch

Antitrust enforcers admit they’re in a race to understand how to tackle AI

Antitrust enforcers on both sides of the Atlantic are grappling to get a handle on AI, a conference in Brussels heard yesterday. It's a moment that Antitrust enforcers on both sides of the Atlantic are grappling to get a handle on AI, a conference in Brussels heard yesterday. It's a moment that demands “extraordinary vigilance”…

Apple Vision Pro: Here’s everything you need to know

At its annual WWDC conference this year, Apple announced the Vision Pro, its first AR headset. Here's everything you need to know. TechCrunch

Tether had ‘record-breaking’ net profits in Q4, Polygon Labs does layoffs and hackers steal $112M of XRP

Hello and welcome back to the third edition of the new and improved TechCrunch Crypto newsletter. TechCrunch

Google Maps experiments with generative AI to improve discovery

Google Maps is introducing a generative AI feature to help you discover new places, the company announced today. Using large language models (LLMs), the Google Maps is introducing a generative AI feature to help you discover new places. TechCrunch

Amazon debuts ‘Rufus,’ an AI shopping assistant in its mobile app

Amazon announced today the launch of an AI-powered shopping assistant it's calling Rufus that's been trained on the e-commerce giant's product catalog as TechCrunch

Threads now reaches more than 130 million monthly users, says Meta, up 30M from Q3

Instagram Threads now has more than 130 million monthly active users, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced during the company's fourth-quarter earnings TechCrunch

Orbital Composites and Virtus Solis team up for space-based solar power mission

Advanced manufacturing startup Orbital Composites is teaming up with Virtus Solis Technologies to conduct a space-based solar power demonstration as soon TechCrunch

Mark Zuckerberg calls Apple’s DMA rules ‘so onerous’ he doubts any developer will opt in

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has added his voice to those criticizing Apple's compliance with the EU's new Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulation, which forces TechCrunch

Apple Vision Pro: Day Two

Last night, I fell asleep under the stars, the chirp of crickets intermingling with the old radiator’s whistle off in the distance. I just finished an TechCrunch

UK government urged to adopt more positive outlook for LLMs to avoid missing ‘AI goldrush’

The U.K. government is taking too “narrow” a view of AI safety and risks falling behind in the AI goldrush, according to a new report. TechCrunch

Tesla settles California hazardous waste lawsuit with a $1.5M fine

Tesla agreed to pay $1.5 million in fines one day after a lawsuit was filed by California counties alleging mishandling of hazardous waste. TechCrunch

China’s Xpeng is bringing its Tesla FSD equivalent to overseas owners

Xpeng, Tesla's challenger from China, has its eye on the international market and plans to use its smart driving software as a selling point. The TechCrunch

Indian central bank’s clampdown wipes $2.1 billion off Paytm

Shares of Paytm fell another 20% Friday before hitting the lower circuit that temporarily halts trading as the Indian financial services firm reels from TechCrunch

Apple says EU represents 7% of global App Store revenue

Apple said during Q1 2024 earnings call that the EU market represents 7% of its global App Store revenues. TechCrunch

VCs Elad Gil and Sarah Guo on the risks and rewards of funding AI: “The biggest threat to us in the short run is other people”

Last week, at our first StrictlyVC evening of the year, prominent AI investors Elad Gil and Sarah Guo joined us in San Francisco to talk about how they TechCrunch

YouTube is not building a Vision Pro app, so Apollo for Reddit dev made one

To fill that void, Christian Selig, the developer who made Apollo for Reddit client, has made a Vision Pro app for YouTube called Juno TechCrunch

Apple Vision Pro’s secret weapon? Mindfulness

More than anything, Apple’s Vision Pro is a beginning. There are moments while using it that feel like a porthole into a different world and — just maybe TechCrunch

Justice hits eBay for $59M for selling obviously illegal pill-counterfeiting gear

You don't need to resort to the dark web to find your illicit pill counterfeiting presses and molds. Just go to eBay and you can get one like new for a TechCrunch

China is a greater threat to the US than Russia and that’s why the CIA doubled its budget for it, agency chief says

“While Russia may pose the most immediate challenge, China is the bigger long-term threat,” said CIA director William J. Burns. Business Insider

The McKinsey Crossword: Cheese Filling

Sharpen your problem-solving skills the McKinsey way, with our weekly crossword. Each puzzle is created with the McKinsey audience in mind, and includes a subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) business theme for you to find. Answers that are directionally correct may not cut it if you’re looking for a quick win. Mckinsey

A retired admiral says the US needs to start building boats fast because China’s going to outpace the US Navy in no time

“We have a lot more experience, but quantity has a quality on its own,” retired US Navy Adm. James Stavridis said. Business Insider

Ukraine losing Western support makes the US ‘more vulnerable’ because China is watching the war closely, NATO chief says

“We need to realize that this is closely watched in Beijing,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, urging the US to continue aid to Ukraine. Business Insider

6 photos and stats that put into perspective the sheer size of Evergrande, China’s dying real-estate giant that has $300 billion in debt

Evergrande, China's second-largest property developer, had $300 billion in debt. That's equivalent to 1.5% of China's GDP. Business Insider

There may be little to recover in the $300 billion Evergrande debt saga

Liquidators will take control of the company's assets and prepare to sell them in order to repay the company's debts — which total $300 billion. Business Insider

I fled Ukraine and moved to Colorado. Starting over has been the biggest challenge of my life.

Mykhaylo Fridlyand and his girlfriend were on vacation when they heard Russia invaded Ukraine. They've started a new life in the US and plan to stay. Business Insider

Finding supply chain efficiencies through enterprise-wide platform transformations

Three examples of how enterprise-wide platform transformation can improve supply chain planning. Mckinsey

The 3 big reasons Americans are suddenly psyched about the economy

The vibecession is over: Americans are suddenly much more confident that the economy is doing better and less scared of a recession. Business Insider

Exploring new regions: The greenfield opportunity in semiconductors

Three factors—supply chain security, sustainability, and subsidies—feature prominently as semiconductor companies expand into new countries or regions. Mckinsey

Elon Musk’s X blocks searches for Taylor Swift after explicit fake pictures go viral

Users searching for Taylor Swift on X get an error message stating “Something went wrong. Try reloading” after the fake images went viral. Business Insider

A Burger King employee who’s worked there for 50 years says she loves her job so much she even comes to work when she’s sick or in pain

Wanda Byrd hasn't worked anywhere other than Burger King, KSWO reported. She arrives an hour before her shifts start to help set up. Business Insider

I moved to Australia to be with my boyfriend and for a better quality of life. I was nervous, but I’m saving money and much happier.

Moving to Queensland, Australia was a big decision for freelancer writer Gabriella Ferlita. She said it's cheaper than the UK and sunny all year. Business Insider

A conservative fix for the housing crisis is making homes cheaper and more abundant in Texas

American cities and towns are in desperate need of affordable new starter homes. They should follow Houston's example, experts say. Business Insider

Billionaire Jeff Bezos still uses a homemade scrappy door desk from the early days of launching Amazon

Jeff Bezos' partner Lauren Sanchez posted a picture on Instagram of the billionaire working from the homemade desk. Business Insider

Europe’s biggest airline said it will happily take United’s 737 Max jets if the US airline doesn’t want them

After United Airlines said it was building a plan without the Boeing 737 Max 10, Ryanair said the comments “weren't helpful” and offered to step in. Business Insider

Elon Musk says Tesla’s Optimus lab looks like something out of ‘Westworld’

A Tesla executive followed up Elon Musk's comments on an investor call by pointing out that the robots kill people in the HBO drama. Business Insider

Elon Musk compares the AI race to playing poker — you need to spend billions every year just to sit at the table

Elon Musk said Tesla would spend more than $500 million on Nvidia AI chips in 2024, but that it would take “several billion dollars” a year worth of hardware to keep up with its biggest rivals. Business Insider

Elon Musk is now worth just under $200 billion — and Jeff Bezos is only $15 billion behind

Tesla stock is down 26% this year due to investor concern about its sales growth, slashing Elon Musk's net worth by $30 billion. Business Insider

I’m poly and live with my husband and boyfriend. We make $155,000 combined and can finally buy a house.

A mom of two in a relationship with her husband and her boyfriend purposely creates financial attachment across their poly ''vee.'' Business Insider

How US states can advance a successful clean-energy transition

By taking a more active role in the energy transition, state leaders can elevate communities, deliver inclusive economic growth, and help the country reach net zero. Mckinsey

Meet a millennial DINK who’s grateful for the flexibility of a childfree lifestyle during a medical crisis

Being a DINK is more than just the freedom to travel and spend. It also means a safety net and less stress during hard times. Business Insider

Inside the company that has discovered the ultimate cash cow: teenage athletes

Michael Schwimer calls his company “Shark Tank for athletes.” Critics call it indentured servitude. Business Insider

The non-profit behind Wikipedia and a crypto exchange are among the top companies for work-from-anywhere jobs, with some paying over $100,000

FlexJobs analyzed job openings from 60,000 companies in 2023 that offered remote work with zero location restrictions and no time in the office. Business Insider

There’s an enormous financial divide among the 4 NFL quarterbacks still hoping to win the Super Bowl

Despite four quarterbacks taking their teams to the playoffs, there is a large divide among what they make and that can be a huge advantage for NFL teams. Business Insider

Gig driving was a glimmer of hope for many people with disabilities — but for some, it’s a dead end.

Nearly a dozen drivers told Business Insider that driving for companies including Uber and Lyft are their only options and don't fully pay the bills. Business Insider

Lise Meitner helped discover nuclear fission but never won a Nobel Prize for her brilliance despite 49 nominations

Lise Meitner discovered how the process of nuclear fission works but she never won a Nobel Prize and her colleague Otto Hahn downplayed her role. Business Insider

I quit Amazon Prime and it was way easier than I expected. It’s made me reevaluate everything.

After he canceled Amazon Prime, he reevaluated the necessity of that ultra-fast, free shipping and found it mostly unnecessary. Business Insider

Kremlin denies report that Putin reached out to the US about talks on ending the war in Ukraine

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said the Bloomberg report “absolutely does not correspond to reality.” Business Insider

Russia is changing tactics to try to capture the city of Avdiivka and plans to fight through it ‘block-by-block,’ ISW says

Russia's plans to encircle Avdiivka could be abandoned and replaced by a brute force attack, the Institute for the Study of War said. Business Insider

The Washington house where Jeff Bezos founded Amazon is on sale for $2.3 million — take a look inside

Jeff Bezos reportedly paid $890 a month to rent the Bellevue, Washington home where he started Amazon in 1994. Business Insider

Trump claimed his E. Jean Carroll defamations were the best thing that ever happened to her. Here’s how the grotesque tactic met its end.

Trump sought a damages discount, arguing that by calling Carroll a lying “whack job,” he made her famous. Business Insider

My work wife threw me under the bus to get a raise at the office. It was hard to realize I couldn’t trust her anymore.

An employee told her work wife some work-related information, and the coworker used it to try to get a raise. The employee now puts up boundaries. Business Insider

Former Dollar Tree employee shares the 7 things they never buy at the discount chain

I used to work at Dollar Tree and I really enjoy shopping there, but the chain has a few products I don't like. Business Insider

A guaranteed basic income program in Minneapolis found that even after a year of giving recipients $500 a month, they weren’t working any less

A Minneapolis guaranteed basic income program found that after a year of giving recipients $500 a month, they were more financially secure and didn't work less. Business Insider

The office apocalypse will see a wave of buildings demolished or converted to residential, New York City real estate exec says

“If you take the price of the building plus the price of demolishing, some of those values are less than land value,” one NYC real estate vet said. Business Insider

Baldur’s Gate 3 made more than $650 million last year, proving video games don’t need microtransactions to succeed

In a shift, the top-selling games on Steam — including Baldur's Gate 3 and Hogwarts Legacy — were mostly games that did not rely on microtransactions. Business Insider

Mona Lisa splattered in soup at Louvre Museum in Paris by food protesters

Protesters in France wearing T-shirts that said “Food Counterattack,” threw a can of soup at the world-famous Mona Lisa, which is glass-protected. Business Insider

Austin experimented with giving people $1,000 a month. They spent the no-strings-attached cash mostly on housing, a study found.

A guaranteed basic income plan in Austin that gave low-income residents $1,000 a month reduced housing insecurity. Business Insider

The top 4 ways big corporations are fueling global wealth inequality: report

As corporations focus their efforts on maximizing shareholder profits, they create increasingly dire circumstances for workers. Here's how. Business Insider

The full list of major US companies slashing staff this year, from Citigroup to Google and Microsoft

Companies are still cutting jobs in 2024, after a wave of redundancies last year. Amazon, Google, Flexport and Citi are among those shedding staff. Business Insider

Ukraine takes out one of Russia’s most feared drone aces, say reports

Ukraine has successfully eliminated a prominent Russian threat — a drone operator called “Moisey.” Business Insider

A 27-year-old Berkeley city council member wanted to build more affordable housing. Relentless harassment from ‘left NIMBYs’ pushed him to resign.

Former Berkeley city council member Rigel Robinson wanted more housing, but anti-development NIMBYs' harassment and threats pushed him out. Business Insider

Video appears to show Ukraine’s new ‘Ironclad’ drone vehicle machine-gunning a Russian outpost

The video, shared by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, appears to show the ground drone firing its Shablya M2 machine gun at a Russian outpost. Business Insider

China’s air force is far from ready for a crucial mission it needs to seize Taiwan

China's military is still working towards the tight air-ground integration that has been a standard for US operations for decades. Business Insider

Uber and Lyft drivers say they do it for more than the money: It makes them less lonely.

Making money with Uber and Lyft can be challenging, but some drivers value the social interactions with riders. Business Insider

I’m a millennial who moved from New York to Kansas City. I don’t have to work 5 jobs, and I pay less rent for a bigger apartment.

Jackie Nguyen, 35, finds her money goes farther thanks to the Midwest's lower cost of living, plus she's relishing the slower pace. Business Insider

I’m a food reporter who’s never been to Golden Corral. I visited the only location in NYC since it went viral, and my $25 meal completely surpassed my expectations.

I've never eaten at Golden Corral before this month, but I'm glad I did. Any preconceived notions I had about food and sanitation were wrong. Business Insider

A millennial who quit her corporate job in London and moved to Australia explains the pros and cons of her career switch and life down under

Tara, who recently moved from London to Melbourne, Australia, shared what pros and cons she sees living in Australia and why she changed industries. Business Insider

Nick Saban’s retirement started a chain reaction that led to millions of dollars in raises for coaches at other schools

Four head coaches and many assistants got big pay raises thanks to Nick Saban's retirement. Business Insider

Black holes are rampaging through our universe at more than 2.2 million mph and scientists think they now know why

Scientists simulating the death of supermassive stars witnessed an unusual kick that sometimes occurs in the moments after a black hole forms. Business Insider

Ukraine appears to be attacking Russia’s oil and gas industry with small, cheap drones that can bypass its air defenses

Russia's air defenses have proven to be less effective against small drones as they were built to detect larger targets like missiles and aircraft. Business Insider

Right-wing commentators have a theory about plane safety concerns — and they say diversity is to blame

Right-wing commentators including Elon Musk have baselessly decided that DEI initiatives are to blame for a recent string of plane safety incidents. Business Insider

I was one of the first guests on Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas — these are the 9 things you should know about what it’s like on the world’s largest cruise ship

From the large water park to the do-it-yourself bar crawl, the new world's largest cruise ship isn't like any cruise ship I've ever been on. Business Insider

Many Ukrainian soldiers were killed in Mariupol, but survivors faced further hell in brutal Russian captivity

A soldier torn apart by tank fire defending Mariupol faced additional horrors in Russian captivity. He made it home, but others never came back. Business Insider

A convoy calling themselves ‘God’s army’ plans to head to the Texas border to stop migrants from entering the US

The “Take Our Border Back” convoy aims to stop illegal immigration by working with “constitutionally sound” law enforcement at the Texas border. Business Insider

2024 is a big year for the sun. This Helio year, see a total eclipse, solar storms, and NASA almost landing on our star.

A Helio Year: With a total solar eclipse across the US, a NASA spacecraft “landing” on the sun, and maybe solar maximum, 2024 is the year of the sun. Business Insider

Skeletons with buckets on their feet and rings around their necks discovered in a Dark Ages graveyard, say reports

A 1,000-year-old cemetery discovered near Kyiv, Ukraine, is said to have a pagan history, the Archaeological Institute of America annual meeting heard. Business Insider

Ukrainian forces are using ‘flocks’ of FPV drones led by ‘queen’ drone to attack Russian positions, soldier says

FPV drones have enabled Ukrainian drone squads to attack deep into Russian territory while helping to limit losses to Ukrainian ground forces. Business Insider

The father of an IDF soldier killed on October 7 claimed his son’s decapitated head was found in an ice cream store’s freezer

During an interrogation, a Hamas militant claimed that he had attempted to sell the head for $10,000, the soldier's father said. Business Insider

Florida anger management therapist accused of murdering a homeless man after a dispute, say police

A Florida anger management therapist is charged with first-degree murder of a homeless man after an ongoing dispute, say police. Business Insider

The rental market is getting out of hand, with millions of Americans spending the majority of their paychecks on housing

In today's big story, we're looking at how much Americans spend on rent and why cheap properties are so hard to come by. Business Insider

Watch the moment Lauren Boebert was asked to ‘give the definition of carpetbagger’ in the first GOP debate in her new district

“Is this a 'Mary Poppins' question?” Boebert retorted before explaining why she's now running in a deeper-red Colorado district far from her home. Business Insider

How scrappers cash in on gold from your old computer

Wade Cawley finds gold in e-waste. He's partnered with Mint Innovation, a company that invented a cleaner way to recover precious metals. Business Insider

I moved from NYC to live in a Hawaiian penthouse with 19 strangers. Co-living helped me form adult friendships.

I left New York City to live in a Honolulu penthouse, Surfbreak HNL, with strangers. I had the experience of a lifetime and made close friendships. Business Insider

Donald Trump abruptly walked out of the courtroom as E. Jean Carroll’s lawyer argued he doesn’t respect the jury

Trump got up and left the courtroom as Carroll's lawyer gave her closing statement and argued Trump didn't respect the jury. Business Insider

Ted Cruz says there’s no need for more border legislation and Biden should simply mimic Trump’s immigration strategy

Cruz spoke out about the bill approximately the same time that reports emerged Trump had pressured senators to oppose it. Business Insider

Russia really wants to stop Ukraine using Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites

Russia is developing an arsenal of electronic warfare systems in a bid to sever Ukraine's access to Starlink satellites, analysts say. Business Insider

Meet a startup trying to keep your screen time from destroying the planet

A data center somewhere is powering your Instagram and Netflix habits, and an estimated $2 billion industry is trying to cut back on the energy it uses. Business Insider

Speaker Johnson says Republicans will move forward with their controversial impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas next week

Republicans have one of the narrowest majorities in history, meaning a potential final vote could be extremely close. Business Insider

I compared grocery prices at Costco, Walmart, and HEB for a family of 4. I was shocked Walmart wasn’t a better bargain.

I do the grocery shopping for a family of four, and like many others, the current economy has turned it into something that can be both stressful and a bit of a game. Business Insider

12 tricks to make your cheap furniture look more expensive, from interior designers

Interior designers said simple tricks, like swapping out table legs, reupholstering, or painting, can make cheap furniture look fancier than it is. Business Insider

Boeing’s embarrassing 737 Max disaster could hit entire US economy, aviation expert says

Boeing's response to the recent 737 Max accident was “incompetent,” long-time aviation expert Mike Boyd said. Business Insider

The best Super Bowl TV deals 2024: Top discounts live right now

The Super Bowl is a great time to upgrade your TV. Retailers are offering up to 50% off displays as big as 98 inches just in time for the big game. Business Insider

Photos show the Iranian missile parts US Navy SEALs seized in a deadly nighttime raid

Photos show the deadly nighttime raid of a dhow carrying missile parts for Houthi rebels. Two Navy SEALs are presumed dead following the mission. Business Insider

Lessons from a successful cloud journey

The CIO and the director of infrastructure and user services group at the US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) discuss their successful cloud transformation. Mckinsey

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