Door To Door Express

Person mottar en pakke levert på døren.

What ever your need within international courier, Mekongzon Door To Door Express can offer a reliable and swift solution. You can easily control your shipping costs and delivery time in the same degree of quality insurance whether you are receiving or sending parcels to or from other parts of the world.

Mekongzon can offer the business sector the broadest selections of delivery variation, delivered on a specific date or time. It is able to offer next day delivery to all the major cities in Europe, or within 3-5 days when economy matters.

Swiftness means nothing without reliability. No matter what you send with Mekongzon you can rest assure that you are in good hands. We will pick up, transport and deliver your shipment through our network to over 200 countries. All data is accessible in our system, and you will always be able to check status on your shipment.

To make sure your consignment arrives safe to the right address and at the right time, we can assist you with how to fill in the correct data on your invoice and air way bill.

Our aim is to be a part of the most successful, fastest and most reliable global express actor in the business.

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