Dirty Shirley Wins the NAFT Award, Presented by Dongle

The Dirty Shirley drink, a nonalcoholic cocktail spiked with vodka, joins the NAFT Hall of Fame after being nominated by Espresso Martini. Source

A New Era for the Old-Fashioned

In celebration of Elijah Craig Old-Fashioned Week®, four bartenders share how they put their personal stamp on the classic cocktail. Source

The Best Mezcals Under $50

The 5 best mezcal brands under $50 for sipping and mixing into cocktail recipes, plus a crash course in the spirit. Source

The Watermelon Drink Is Built to Please

9 cocktail recipes that show that the watermelon drink can take many forms, from a Margarita to a spritz to a punch and more. Source

Rescue Your Rinds

An easy recipe to use in a pineapple or watermelon drink, ideal for tropical cocktails, highballs and more. Source

Our 15 Favorite Easy Shaken Cocktails

The best easy shaken cocktail recipes, from an aperitivo spin on the Daiquiri to a Trader Vic-inspired sour and more. Source

How to Use Batavia Arrack in Cocktails

Riffs on the Hemingway Daiquiri, Queen's Park Swizzle and more cocktail recipes turn to the rum predecessor Batavia arrack for funky flavor. Source

5 Corn Whiskeys to Try, Beyond Mellow Corn

5 corn whiskey bottles to try that are giving cult-favorite Mellow Corn whiskey a run for its money. Source

All the Ways to Coconut Your Cocktail

Beyond the Piña Colada, coconut cream, water, and oil in cocktail recipes add salty-sweetness, nuttiness and tropical flavor. Source

Oil Well Old-Fashioned, Anyone?

Sangria, Sherry Cobbler and Zombie cocktails captured global attention when served at world's fairs. Here, a history of drinks at the events. Source

A Guide to Italy’s Essential Aperitivo Bars

Aperitivo bars worth a visit in Italy, from the birthplace of the Negroni Sbagliato to more modern cafes and wine bars. Source

Bartender in Residence Lydia McLuen Takes an Analytical Approach to Cocktails

Bartender in Residence Class of 2022's Lydia McLuen creates highly polished cocktails celebrating Portland, Oregon and Japan. Source

Bartender in Residence Jef Tate Makes Culinary Cocktails His Own

Now at one of the best bars in Chicago, Jef Tate's culinary cocktail recipes take inspiration from Jamaican cooking. Source

Bartender in Residence Michael Aredes Isn’t Afraid to Take Risks

Bartender in Residence Class of 2022's Michael Aredes has crafted cocktail recipes featuring unlikely flavor combinations. Source

Bartender in Residence Paige Walwyn Reimagines Classic Cocktails

Classic cocktails and modern classics inform Chicago bartender Paige Walwyn's approach to making simple, accessible drinks. Source

Bartender in Residence Britt Fox’s Cocktails Begin With “People and Places”

At Washington, D.C.'s best bars, restaurants and distilleries, Britt Fox has developed cocktail recipes and a signature spirit-focused style. Source

Bartender in Residence, Napier Bulanan’s Cocktails Are Inspired by Filipino Culture

Bartender in Residence Class of 2022, Napier Bulanan shares her signature Negroni Sbagliato recipe, her approach to hospitality and her favorite cocktail. Source

Bartender in Residence Alicia Perry Makes Playful Cocktails

Bartender in Residence, Class of 2022's Alicia Perry shares her go-to cocktail order, her signature Mudslide recipe riff and more. Source

Bartender in Residence Arianna Hone Celebrates Indigenous Culture

The Utah bartender uses cocktails to tell stories of migration and place. Source

Tobacco Asia Podcast #11

Our podcast guest is Dr. Iqbal Lambat, c.e.o. and president of Istanbul-based Star Agritech International, a medium-sized supplier of tobacco leaf and reconstituted tobacco. Source

Malaysia’s Cabinet Approves Generational Ban on Tobacco

Malaysia’s health minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, said the Cabinet approved the Tobacco and Smoking Control Bill which will prohibit the sale of cigarettes, tobacco, and vape products to anyone born after 2005. The bill will go before Parliament… Source

FDA’s Arbitrary/Capricious Premium Cigar Regulation Put on Hold

The US District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision to regulate premium cigars subject to the same federal law as other tobacco products was “arbitrary and capricious.” Source

India’s Cigarette Sales Set to Surpass Pre-Pandemic Levels

Rating agency Crisil expects India’s domestic cigarette volume growth to increase 5-6% higher than pre-pandemic levels this fiscal year, even with illicit cigarettes taking away a large volume. Source

SMOORE Launches Pioneering Research Project into Nicotine Addiction

SMOORE, one of the world’s largest vape manufacturers, launched the world’s first real-time monitoring research project on nicotine addiction. Source

Vape Stance Softens in Southeast Asia

When vaping grew more popular around the world only about a decade ago, regulators in Southeast Asia’s nations were quite unsure how to handle this completely new product segment. Source

US FDA Grabs Control of Synthetic Nic Products

Previously being largely unregulated, the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as of mid-April 2022 assumed full regulatory jurisdiction over tobacco products containing synthetic nicotine… Source

Just Checking In on the G&T

6 easy Gin & Tonic cocktail recipe upgrades with the addition of Campari, fino sherry, cider, mint and more. Source

Aperitivo Was Made for Summer

A guide to celebrating the golden days of the season the Italian way with a little help from MARTINI & ROSSI®. Source

Take Your Aperitivo to the Tropics

Three simple cocktails that blend summer-ready flavors with the bitter template of aperitivo. Source

Side Out, Volleyball Bar

Volleyball bars—a sporty take on the activity-driven nightlife wave—are struggling to stay open. Source

12 Easy Tequila Drinks, Beyond the Classic Margarita

12 tequila drinks and cocktail recipes, from a low-proof Margarita to an agave-based Espresso Martini variation. Source

Korea’s Party Spirit Grows Up

Soju, the Korean rice spirit, has seen a resurgence thanks to new artisanal producers offering an alternative to industrial brands like Jinro. Source

Ibiza’s Answer to Chartreuse

Similar to Chartreuse, the herbal liqueur from Ibiza is homemade with rosemary, fennel, sage and more, sourced across the Spanish island. Source

The Essential Guide to Cocktail Sweeteners

When and how to use simple syrup, turbinado sugar, agave and other sweeteners—plus, the cocktail recipes to try them in. Source

Welcome Back, Jell-O Shot

Jell-O shot versions of the Negroni, Lychee Martini, Champagne and more are making a comeback thanks to growing nostalgia for party drinks. Source

Behind the World’s Biggest, Fastest Bar Team

At Tales of the Cocktail, fledgling bartenders prep and pour thousands of drinks alongside some of the world's most respected drink experts. Source

The Pornstar Martini’s Got Company

6 Pornstar Martini cocktail recipes that riff on the vodka and passion fruit drink, from a Champagne-forward version to frozen variations. Source

Happy Hour Goes Hi-Fi

New “listening bars,” which feature hi-fi sound systems, are refashioning the Tokyo jazz club for American nightlife. Source

No Bar Keeps It Real Like Donn’s Depot

One of the best bars in Austin, Donn's Depot is a honky-tonk, dance hall and derelict cocktail lounge. Meet the regulars who call it home. Source

An Easier Way to Orgeat? Meet “Oat-geat.”

Orgeat, the tiki drink staple found in Mai Tai recipes, can be made simple thanks to a new and more sustainable method using oat milk. Source

How About a Drizzle of Balsamic?

Cocktail recipes featuring balsamic vinegar prove that the acidic ingredient works beyond TikTok's “healthy coke” trend. Source