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Cream Is Key to Decadent Cocktails

Return to that era of creamy cocktails such as the Grasshopper with some of our favorites, including crafty takes, to take you back. Imbibe Magazine

Tobacco Asia

Tobacco Asia

Alaskas Are Having a Moment. Why Not Try Them All?

The Alaska, a Martini made with Chartreuse, is having a moment. Here are 3 cocktail recipes that riff on the drink from top bars. PUNCH

KT&G C.E.O. Nominee Facing Shareholder Opposition

KT&G’s largest shareholder expressed its opposition to the company’s c.e.o. nominee, citing concerns over declining profitability… Tobacco Asia

These Modern Classics Would Like a Spot In Your Rotation

The 9 best modern classic cocktails from around the world, from a Daiquiri made with Campari to a flip made with tequila and Chartreuse. PUNCH

Where to Drink in Tucson, Arizona

Whether you’re seeking a well-made cocktail, a locally brewed beer, or an education on mezcal, Tucson, Arizona, brings it home. Imbibe Magazine

Positive Outlook after BAT Sells ITC Shares

British American Tobacco Plc., via its affiliate Tobacco Manufacturers (India) Ltd, sold 436.9 million shares in Indian tobacco giant ITC Limited… Tobacco Asia

Brookline’s Generational Ban Upheld

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) ruled in favor of a town bylaw in Brookline that bans the sale of tobacco to anyone born after January 1, 2000… Tobacco Asia

Malaysia Vape Industry Blindsided by Proposed Regulations

According to deputy health minister Datuk Lukanisman Awang Sauni, the government plans to treat vapes like conventional tobacco… Tobacco Asia

Veggie Cocktails for Spring

Fruits have long been a go-to for mixing, but when you're looking for a more savory flavor profile, explore the world of veggie cocktails. Imbibe Magazine

COP10 Recap

The Tenth Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP10) to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) finally took place in Panama City during February 5-10… Tobacco Asia

Where’d You Go, Piquette?

Piquette, a natural wine category that was once the industry's cool fad, is now practically endangered. How did it rise and fall so quickly? PUNCH

This Changed White Negronis For Me Forever

The best liqueur to use in a mezcal White Negroni, Gin & Tonic or simply chilled is Domaine La Bohème Gentiane Extra Bitter Aperitif. PUNCH

Drink of the Week: Natterjack Irish Whiskey

An exciting entrant in the category, Natterjack Irish Whiskey utilizes American techniques while paying homage to the island. Imbibe Magazine

Cytisine Gains UK Approval as Cessation Aid

Despite being used in central and eastern Europe for decades as a smoking cessation aid, cytisine pills just recently gained regulatory approval in the UK… Tobacco Asia

Generational Tobacco Bans Strike Out

The end of 2023 was probably not what anti-tobacco advocates would say was ending the year on a high-note as two legislations in different countries that would have introduced generational smoking bans went awry. Tobacco Asia

Are Vape Bans Gaining Momentum Globally?

Following the emergence of the first vape devices a little over 2 decades ago, they were almost universally feted by stakeholders as “the world’s best opportunity for forever banishing the big demon, tobacco”… Tobacco Asia

Madrid’s Combinación Is Ready for Its Second Act

Madrid’s Combinación, an easy cocktail made with gin and sweet vermouth from the 1920s, is seeing a revival in Spain and around the world. PUNCH

US Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to California Flavor Ban

The US Supreme Court refused to consider R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company’s challenge to California’s ban on flavored tobacco products in the most populous US state, Reuters reported. Tobacco Asia

Tobacco Asia Podcast #28: Reimund Ameskamp, J.W. von Eicken

Reimund Ameskamp (Ray) is head of international business at 250-year-old J.W. von Eicken, which is located in the old Hanseatic city of Lubeck… Tobacco Asia

US Teen Cigarette Use Drops

Cigarette consumption among US adolescents significantly declined over a span of three decades. Tobacco Asia

Meet the “Super Vino Bros,” the New Jersey Twins Who’ve Become Natural Wine’s Most Unlikely Stars

Meet the Super Vino Bros, the natural wine influencers and twins from New Jersey who have won over the industry on Instagram and TikTok. PUNCH

Extra Funding for Crackdown on Australia’s Illicit Tobacco

The Australian Border Force (ABF) will be receiving A$188.5 million extra funding to combat the country’s A$3 billion illicit tobacco trade. Tobacco Asia

Drink Through New Orleans Like a Local

The best dive bars, neighborhood bars and jazz music venues in New Orleans, Louisiana according to local bartenders and drinks writers. PUNCH

Lee Calls for Lift of Singapore’s Vape Ban

Lee Hsien Yang, prime minister Lee Hsien Loong’s estranged younger brother and youngest son of Lee Kuan Yew, called for the Singaporean government to lift its ban on e-cigarettes. Tobacco Asia

To Understand Chicago, Drink at Its Essential Taverns

The best dives, taverns and neighborhood bars in Chicago, Illinois, from The Long Room to the Old Town Ale House. PUNCH

Q&A: Rebekah Peppler on Drinking the French Way

Expat journalist Rebekah Peppler dives into the microcosms of French food and drink and the spirit of connection that underlines apéro hour. Imbibe Magazine

Industry Veterans at WT Middle East

Among those representing India’s tobacco industry at the recent WT Middle East were (from left to right) Biju Joseph, general manager – PMD of VST Industries Ltd. Tobacco Asia

Where to Drink Martinis in New York

The best bars to drink a Martini in NYC, from historic Bemelmans Bar and Hotel Chelsea to newcomers like Rockefeller Center’s Le Rock. PUNCH

US Menthol Ban Still Used as Political Tool

A conservative advocacy group is planning on using the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) proposed menthol cigarette ban as a tool to sway Black Americans from president Joe Biden and Democrats, according to CNN. Tobacco Asia

Where to Drink in New York City

The best cocktail bars to visit in New York City, from a Rockefeller Center destination to a Manhattan rooftop bar with the best view. PUNCH

NZ Minister Under Fire For Tobacco Tax Freeze

New Zealand’s associate health minister, Casey Costello, is being attacked by anti-smoking advocates after it became known she was considering a three-year freeze on tobacco excise tax. Tobacco Asia

Where to Drink in Chicago

The best cocktail bars to visit in Chicago, Illinois, from historic dive bars to a renowned Japanese-style bar. PUNCH

Ohio Sides with Flavored Tobacco

The Ohio Senate voted to override governor Mike DeWine’s veto on a provision that would ban local governments from enacting regulations on the sale of tobacco as well as banning flavored tobacco products. Tobacco Asia

Where to Drink in New Orleans

The best cocktail bars to visit in New Orleans, Louisiana, including the best places for classics like the Ramos Gin Fizz, Sazerac and more. PUNCH

NJOY Lawsuit Dismissed

A US District Court in California dismissed a lawsuit filed by NJOY, Altria Group’s vape subsidiary, against multiple manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of disposable vapes. Tobacco Asia

Where to Drink in San Francisco

The best cocktail bars to visit in San Francisco, California, from an iconic Margarita destination to a haven for tiki drinks. PUNCH

Russia Sanctions a Boon for Asian Suppliers

A long line of economic and geopolitical analysts have noted on multiple occasions that the sanctions slapped on Russia by the European Union (EU) actually harm EU companies more than they do Russian businesses. Tobacco Asia

Our Essential City Guides

The best cocktail bars to visit in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans and more, according to the editors of Punch. PUNCH

The Quest for the Non-Acetate Filter

Before cellulose acetate tow (CAT), cigarettes either were filter-less or tipped with simple, rather ineffective paper filters. Tobacco Asia

EVO NXT: the ‘Place to Be’ for the NGP Scene Again in 2024

Sabine Loos, Managing Director of Messe Dortmund, gives a preview of speakers and programme Tobacco Asia

Tobacco Asia Podcast #29: Christian Adi Njoto Njoo

Christian Adi Njoto Njoo is the president of well-known Indonesian leaf merchant, PT. Mangli Djaya Raya. Tobacco Asia

BAT Shares Jump on ITC Stake Sale

British American Tobacco (BAT) saw its share price rise by over 7% after announcing it was “actively working” to sell some of its shares in ITC Ltd. ITC share prices dropped 4%. Tobacco Asia

13 to Try: Vermouths

Editor in chief Paul Clarke shares his picks of vermouths that demonstrate the category's enduring vibrance. Imbibe Magazine

Bring Back the Kiss the Boys Goodbye

The Kiss the Boys Goodbye, a sour cocktail made with sloe gin and Cognac, gets a second look at Washington, D.C. bar The Wells. PUNCH

KT&G Reports Record-High Revenue

KT&G posted revenue of KRW1.451 trillion (US$1.01 billion) and operating profit of KRW198.6 billion (US$149.2 million) in the fourth-quarter. Tobacco Asia

IQOS Overtakes Marlboro in Revenue

Philip Morris International (PMI) revealed its IQOS products outperformed its Marlboro cigarettes in net revenue… Tobacco Asia

Australia Youth Vaping Jumps to 30%

Data from the 2022/23 Australian Secondary Students’ Alcohol and Drug survey found that vaping among Australia’s youth jumped from 13% in 2014 and 14% in 2017 to 30% Tobacco Asia

Global Tobacco Majors’ Russian Business

Global tobacco multinational players have taken different steps in regards to their Russian business amid ever-tightening sanctions and Russia’s growing isolation in the international arena. Tobacco Asia

The Oslo Design Team Reshaping How the World’s Top Bars Look—and Function

Behind Bars is a design firm shaping some of the world's best bars, rethinking the bartender workstation and the guest experience altogether. PUNCH

Tobacco’s Role in Thailand’s Economy

Contributions from Thailand’s tobacco industry has long been woven into the fabric of the country’s economic and social tapestry. Tobacco Asia

The 5 Most Popular Cocktails of February

The ultimate Negroni, a Manhattan made with pastis, a Midori sour and the other best cocktail recipes to make right now. PUNCH

JET Clove & Hybrid

Tobacco Asia

In the Canary Islands, It’s Not Sobremesa Without a Barraquito

Barraquito is a Canary Islands’ cocktail made with coffee, milk and Licor 43 that has become a staple of sobremesa as a post-meal drink. PUNCH

North Macedonia: A Reliable Oriental Tobacco Supplier

Randomly ask about major tobacco growing countries and names such as India, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Brazil, or the US will roll off tongues quite readily. Tobacco Asia

A Whiskey-Coke Like Only California Can Do

The whiskey-Coke cocktail served at San Francisco bar True Laurel is made with California ingredients like foraged cherry leaves and kumquats. PUNCH

New Zealand Repeals Tobacco Sales Ban

The New Zealand Parliament commenced the first reading of the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Amendment Bill… Tobacco Asia

Elements: Cocchi Americano

Bartenders unlock the flavor potential of aperitif wine Cocchi Americano in cocktails such as a Bamboo riff and a tequila sour. Imbibe Magazine

Detroit’s Third-Shift Bars Were a Lifeline. Now They’re a Dying Breed.

Detroit, Michigan’s early morning bars, like Abick’s Bar and Eastpointe Pub, which serve factory workers and first responders, are in decline. PUNCH

Malaysia’s Illicit Trade Lowest Since 2020

In 2023, the prevalence of illicit cigarettes in Malaysia decreased to 55.6%, reaching its lowest point since peaking at a record high of 63.8% in 2020. Tobacco Asia

Nevermind the Guinness: You Can’t Have an Irish Bar Without Craic

Contributing editor Emily Saladino examines craic, which is integral to Irish bar culture but has surprisingly little to do with drinking. Imbibe Magazine

Our Favorite Scotch Cocktails

The best, easy Scotch whisky cocktail recipes go beyond the Rob Roy and other classics, mixing the spirit in highballs, tiki drinks and more. PUNCH

Over 30% Tax Hike for Hong Kong

The tobacco tax in Hong Kong increased by nearly 32% as the government aims to provide additional motivation for smokers to quit. Tobacco Asia

ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto Announces National Finalists for the Art of ITALICUS 2024 Aperitivo Challenge

ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto announces the regional Art of ITALICUS finalists for the 6th edition of their Aperitivo Challenge. Imbibe Magazine

Is Green Chaud Just an Après-Ski Fantasy?

Green Chaud is a cocktail made with Chartreuse and hot chocolate associated with après-ski. But is it actually French? PUNCH

Australia Hires Anti-Vape Influencers

Australia’s government launched a new campaign targeting young people aged 14-20 to combat youth vaping. Tobacco Asia

5 to Try: Burgundy Wines

Award-winning sommelier Nikita Malhorta shares her picks for wines that best showcase the Burgundy region's history and dedicated vignerons. Imbibe Magazine

The Martini Is Back. But What Happened to Its Bitters?

Orange bitters were once essential to the Martini recipe, but have largely become an afterthought. Some bartenders want to change that. PUNCH

The Pantheon Is a Japanese Modern Classic in the Making

The Pantheon, a Scotch whisky cocktail invented in Tokyo, Japan, is becoming a modern classic, having grown in popularity in just five years. PUNCH

Growing Concerns Over Flailing WHO FCTC

The World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC), originally designed two decades ago to be the first international treaty to address the perceived harms of combustible tobacco… Tobacco Asia

This Crystal-Clear Colada Can Be Yours, No Clarification Necessary

This two-ingredient highball recipe from New York bar Sip & Guzzle is easy to make despite its layered, tropical flavor. Here's how. PUNCH

Drink of the Week: Freeland Spirits Forest Gin

Freeland Spirits expertly distills down the essence of Portland, Oregon's Forest Park in their Forest Gin using chanterelles and spruce tips. Imbibe Magazine

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