Value-Added Services

Adding value to your businesses

Value-Added Services means advising and supporting you with products sold in a different form than how they are purchased. We are happy to take this task off your hands, allowing you to focus on your core activities. Based on guidelines and expectations, we execute this task within the set time frame, ensuring deliveries to clients are done on time and in full.


Labelling is just one of the many possibilities our VAS activities comprise. Is your product not properly labelled, or is there a reason to apply an extra label? No problem, we will take care of it for you.


We provide repacking in all its facets. If you want to have something repacked, we are there for your requirements.
• Packaging repairs
• Combining products
• In-box packaging units assembly


We are ready to perform the desired assembly for you with our team. Assembly service examples include:
• Assembling gift boxes
• Adding manuals and product packaging

Quality control

Of course, you would like to know if your products meet the specifications you ordered. We have a team of trained professionals for various quality features to check your shipment for what is important to you!

Get in touch

Our team takes the time to listen and really understand your needs before working for the most cost-effective solutions.

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