Your Bonded Warehousing and Logistics Management Partner in Vietnam

Mekongzon offers a range of services that support the supply chain, including warehousing solutions and logistics operations.

Logistics Management Service by Mekongzon

One of Mekongzon’s key assets is its contemporary 50,000 sqm warehousing network, strategically located in the South of Vietnam near international ports such as Catlai and Caimep. This ideal location enables efficient transportation and logistics operations. The warehouse is equipped with an automated state-of-the-art Shuttle Racking System. This technology helps optimize storage and retrieval processes, ensuring efficient management of inventory.

Mekongzon’s deep understanding of duty-free products and extensive experience with Vietnam Customs’ procedures allows for timely fulfillment of services. This expertise ensures that the necessary regulations and requirements are met, facilitating smooth and efficient customs clearance processes.

Overall, Mekongzon takes pride in its comprehensive supply chain solutions, leveraging its warehouse capabilities, logistics expertise, and knowledge of customs procedures to provide value-added services to its partners and clients.

In addition to the previously mentioned services, Mekongzon also boasts the following capabilities:

  1. Customs Approved Bonded Facility: Mekongzon operates a customs approved bonded facility, which allows for secure storage and handling of goods. This designation ensures compliance with customs regulations and enables efficient movement of goods in and out of the facility.
  2. Temperature-controlled Premise: Mekongzon’s warehouse facility is equipped with temperature-controlled capabilities. This means that goods requiring specific temperature conditions can be stored and handled appropriately, ensuring their quality and integrity throughout the supply chain.
  3. Technology-led Operations: Mekongzon leverages technology in its operations to enhance efficiency and accuracy. By utilizing advanced systems and software, Mekongzon can streamline processes, track inventory, and provide real-time visibility into operations. This technology-driven approach helps optimize supply chain management and improves overall operational effectiveness.
  4. Cross Docking Expertise: Mekongzon possesses expertise in cross docking, a logistics technique that involves transferring goods from inbound shipments directly to outbound shipments without long-term storage. This approach minimizes handling and storage costs, reduces lead times, and enhances supply chain efficiency.

By combining these additional capabilities with their existing value-added supply chain services, Mekongzon aims to deliver comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of its partners and clients.

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