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Manfrotto Element Small Traveler Tripod: A travel tripod that won’t weigh you down

Need a sturdy, adjustable, compact tripod that weighs barely anything? Consider the Manfrotto Element Small Traveler Tripod. PhotofocusBlog

Why I LOVE telephoto lenses

I fell in love with long focal length from the moment I've started using them. Here's why I LOVE telephoto lenses! PhotofocusBlog

Are you ready for WPPI 2024?

Get ready for this year's run of the WPPI, the premier conference for wedding and portrait photographers. Here's a bit of what we can expect. PhotofocusBlog

How to use framing in photography (Examples & ideas)

Discover the power of framing in photography. Learn how to use this compositional technique to draw attention to your subject. PhotofocusBlog

DxO FilmPack 7 walkthrough (Part One)

DxO FilmPack 7 is an awesome program if you adore film emulators like I do. Here's a walkthrough to give you an idea. PhotofocusBlog

Three ideas to get lots of extra detail in your images

Explore the world of macro lenses and focus stacking for stunning detail in your photos. Here are three ideas to try. PhotofocusBlog

A simple trick to create a starburst effect in your photos

Creating effects in-camera — such as a starburst effect — is always a lot more fun and authentic than adding them using post-processing. PhotofocusBlog

SlickPic Photography Challenge: Diagonals

Spice up your weekend with the SlickPic 52-week Photography Challenge focusing on Diagonals. Go share your best diagonal compositions! PhotofocusBlog

Question of the Week: Do you also do video projects on the side?

Are you also doing video projects on the side? Let us know and tell us more about it in this Question of the Week! PhotofocusBlog

It’s time for the Video Creators Virtual Summit!

Don't miss 50 free classes on Adobe Premiere and After Effects! Register for the Video Creators Virtual Summit today or get a VIP pass. PhotofocusBlog

Video Creators Virtual Summit Day One Schedule

Improve Your Video Creator Skills for Free We’re excited to announce the Videos Creators Virtual Summit on February 18 – 22, 2024. Registration is now open! February 18th – Day 1 Classes ▪9:00 Color Correction: An Intuitive Guide with Jeff Greenberg ▪10:00 Intro to After Effects for Video Editors with Kyle Hamrick ▪11:00 Organization for the Edit: Stop Drowning in…

Finding gems along the road

Road trips can be long, planned-out adventures. They can also be short trips that are taken with no real plan to stop along the way. PhotofocusBlog

How to export your images from DxO PhotoLab7

Here's another super quick and easy tutorial for today: how to export your images from DxO PhotoLab7 to your PC. PhotofocusBlog

A first look at the Ricoh GR IIIx

Delve into the unique capabilities of the Ricoh GR IIIx. Learn why this older model still performs well and is still a great choice. PhotofocusBlog

Video Creators Virtual Summit: Day 2 classes

Get ready for Day 2 of the Video Creators Virtual Summit! Learn tips and tricks from top Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects experts. PhotofocusBlog

Grow your photography brand with a branded product

Want to make more money as a photographer and expand on your brand? Creating a branded product is something you may be interested in. PhotofocusBlog

Video Creators Virtual Summit: Day 3 classes

Ready for more lessons from the industry’s top Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects experts? After a very successful first and second day of the Video Creators Virtual Summit, Day 3 classes bring more valuable tips and tricks you shouldn’t miss, including those from our very own Rich Harrington and Andy Ford. Have fun improving…

Fujifilm announces X100VI mirrorless digital camera

Fujifilm X100VI includes new features for content creators of all types; plus, a special limited edition for Fujifilm’s 90th anniversary. PhotofocusBlog

SlickPic Photography Challenge: High Key

Join this week's SlickPic photography challenge and explore the airy, ethereal world of high key photography. PhotofocusBlog

Being prepared makes all the difference

I love the Boy Scout motto of Be Prepared. As a photographer that means carrying extra batteries, a spare camera, and an extra memory card. PhotofocusBlog

Question of the Week: Where would you like to travel for a photography adventure?

Is it time for another photography adventure? But where to go? So many options! Tell us about it this week where you'd most like to go! PhotofocusBlog

Four ways dust can end up in your photos

Wondering why dust always seems to be in your photos? It may be because of any or all of these ways they end up in your subject or gear. PhotofocusBlog

Basic photo editing in DxO PhotoLab 7

Join me as I do a basic DxO PhotoLab 7 edit on a photo from my Vintage Fairy series. It doesn't take a lot to make your images look amazing. PhotofocusBlog

How to get good at street photography

Roman Fox shares his street photography tips to help budding street photographers get started at getting better at their craft. PhotofocusBlog

Take a break — it’s important

Take a break. What does that even mean anymore? Does everyone take breaks? It seems in this society we are always “ON” or expected to be ON. PhotofocusBlog

Are photographers traditionalists or pioneers?

But which side holds more sway in the ever-evolving landscape of visual artistry? And which side of the fence do you sit on? PhotofocusBlog

Review: Flexispot E7 Pro Height Adjustable Premium Standing Desk — even better?

Flexispot sent us their E7 Pro Premium Standing Desk. We checked it out thoroughly to determine if it's beneficial to you. And good news: it's even greater than the E7! PhotofocusBlog

Gear talk: Do you still prefer your old cameras?

Got an old camera or two that you can’t seem to let go of? Today’s video may finally help you understand why. PhotofocusBlog

Your questions answered: Why the night sky may be blue and more!

I continue to answer your questions about night photography. I’ll answer what you’ve asked most recently. This time? All about the night sky! PhotofocusBlog

Which photo editing software is leading in 2024? 

Which photo editing software were most favored by photographers in 2023, and are therefore leading the industry in 2024? PhotofocusBlog

Meet the instructors of the Video Creators Virtual Summit!

Learn from the world's top Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects instructors at the Video Creators Virtual Summit happening on Feb. 18-22! PhotofocusBlog

Uninspired street photographer, you need to hear this

Are you currently an uninspired, unmotivated street photographer? Make sure you watch this reminder today. PhotofocusBlog

Free training: Video Creators Virtual Summit starts in three days

Get access to free training for video creators with over 50 classes delivered by industry experts in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. PhotofocusBlog

Luminar Neo celebrates its 2nd anniversary 

Luminar Neo, Skylum's AI-powered photo editor, has been revolutionizing the art of image editing for two years, and what a journey it's been! PhotofocusBlog

Photography 101: How to decide which shutter speed is best

Shutter speeds, at the primary level, primarily determine how motion is conveyed in the image. How do you decide which speed is best? PhotofocusBlog

Behind the scenes: Creating a museum exhibit of night photography

Here's how the “Abandoned Planes Trains and Automobiles” museum exhibit at the Hi-Desert Nature Museum in Yucca Valley, CA came together. PhotofocusBlog

Five reasons why the Fujifilm X100S is still a great choice

Discover why the Fujifilm X100S remains a perfect pick for budget-minded photographers or those seeking older models for street photography. PhotofocusBlog

Could high-tech photography gear be hindering your photography skills?

Do you really need all the bells and whistles of high-tech photography gear? Let's dive into this rarely discussed topic. PhotofocusBlog

SlickPic Photography Challenge: Still Life

For this week's SlickPic Photo Challenge, your task is to push your photography skills and staging prowess to create Still Life photos. PhotofocusBlog

A photowalk at the salvage yard: Looking at hidden treasures a bit differently

All photographers can benefit from occasionally doing something outside of the ordinary routine. PhotofocusBlog

Three exercises to improve your photography composition

Want to become a better photographer? Learn how to improve your photography composition skills with these three helpful exercises. PhotofocusBlog

Zhiyun Fiveray M20 review: Pocket video light first look

Zhiyun FIveray M20 review: a flexible, powerful light that will meet the needs of many photographers and videographers for a range of tasks. PhotofocusBlog

Don’t miss the $400 savings from these Fujifilm lens deals!

Capture winter landscapes and wildlife with the best Fujifilm lens deals! Save up to $400 on the FUJIFILM XF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 and more! PhotofocusBlog

Great Valentine’s Day gifts for your favorite photographer

Do you have a photographer in your life and are not sure what to get her or him? No problem, we’re here to help. Here’s some ideas for those of you who are scratching your head trying to figure out what to get. I’ve tried to choose gifts that would appeal to photographers no matter…

The importance of using light blockers in photography

Light is the essence of photography, but too much light can be detrimental to the final result. This is where light blockers come into play, PhotofocusBlog

How to put together a photography project

Don't know where to start with a photography project? Here are some tips on how to explore ideas and come up with the best project! PhotofocusBlog

Creative ways to use red and other Valentine colors

Are you looking for some creative ideas to use traditional Valentine Day colors like red and pink? What about picking one and do a selective color couples shoot? The theme We actually went for a carnival jesters theme. In this instance, all the costumes are black and white, including the jester’s mask. But we really…

Navigating the unpredictable world of natural light photography

While artificial lighting offers control and precision, natural light remains a beloved yet often unpredictable element for photographers.  PhotofocusBlog

Question of the Week: What photography gear are you planning to upgrade this year?

Are you planning to upgrade your photography gear this year? Tell us about it in this Question of the Week! PhotofocusBlog

Don’t miss our Drowning in Photos event

Discover how to sync photos to access on all devices & drives. Get practical tips to recover data & save using cloud storage. PhotofocusBlog

Five photo gifts for that special someone on Valentine’s Day

Photos gifts for that special someone for Valentine’s Day are a great way to go beyond the typical chocolate and flowers. PhotofocusBlog

Harnessing the power of light diffusers in natural light photography

Even the most beautiful natural light can be harsh and unforgiving at times. This is where light diffusers come into play. PhotofocusBlog

Mobile Mondays: iPhone Photography above the clouds

I'm a slow mover to new technology. I'm finally embracing the iPhone photography capture. Here's a small homage to Julianne Kost of Adobe. PhotofocusBlog

Video Creators Virtual Summit: World-class After Effects instruction (FREE or VIP)

Learn from the best of the best. Sign up for your Free Pass or VIP Pass and experience 50 classes at the Video Creators Virtual Summit! PhotofocusBlog

Portrait tips: If you know your tools, you can relax

If you know what all your tools can do, you can relax and move on to the important stuff when doing wedding portraits. PhotofocusBlog

Magic box for wedding photographers

When I was still a wedding photographer, I came prepared to fill whatever was needed with my Magic Wedding Photography box. Need it? I had it. PhotofocusBlog

Grab up to $600 in savings from this week’s Panasonic camera deals!

Save as much as $600 at the start of the year on Panasonic camera deals from B&H! Grab your mirrorless camera from these offers today! PhotofocusBlog

Six of the most important tips for new street photographers to know

Want to improve your street snaps? These tips will help you take the most important steps towards becoming a good street photographer. PhotofocusBlog

SlickPic Photography Challenge: One Color

This week's SlickPic Photography Challenge is all about using a single color to craft visually cohesive photos. PhotofocusBlog

Fuji GX680: Photographing with the largest medium format camera

The Fuji GX680 is likely the biggest medium format camera you've never heard of. Kyle McDougall shows us what the experience is like. PhotofocusBlog

Why I love backlighting

Placing the main light source behind a subject often creates very cool moods (indoors and outdoors). Here's why I love backlighting! PhotofocusBlog

Discovering the past with DxO Time Machine

Do you enjoy film emulators? You might want to check out DxO Time Machine, available in PhotoLab 7 and FilmPack 7. PhotofocusBlog

MPB: Your quick guide to buying, selling or trading used gear

Save money on used photo and video gear for beginners to professionals on MPB! Find out how to get started with our quick guides and articles. PhotofocusBlog

How to make light painting spirals, the easy way

Capture long exposure images with light painting at home! Unleash your creativity by mastering this technique with the kids. PhotofocusBlog

Exporting images from Lightroom to DxO PhotoLab 7

Here's how to export images from Lightroom Classic into DxO Photolab 7, just in case you want to keep your Lightroom Catalogues. PhotofocusBlog

No fast lens for night photography? No problem!

Here's why a fast lens isn't always necessary for night photography, with some tips and techniques using Fujifilm X-T5 and 50mm f/2 lens! PhotofocusBlog

Do mirrorless cameras stifle creativity and learning?

Modern cameras are incredible tools. They can do so much, however, I'm starting to wonder if they're hindering creativity. Let's discuss. PhotofocusBlog

MPB Is the Best Way to Buy Used Camera Gear (Sponsored)

Whether you’re searching for the perfect lens, looking to sell your used camera body, or upgrading to something better, MPB has you covered. Source

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